Tier 1:

Tier 1 is For Everyone Who Posts To PostYourMusicHere.com’s Social Media Sites Or Sends In Their Work To our E-mail. At Tier 1 We Check Out Your Content And Provide Basic Universal Promotion (Linking, Liking, Sharing, Commenting, Ect.) .

Tier 2:

If We Like What You Have Then An Agent From PostYourMusicHere.Com Will Contact You And Send You A Congrats, It Should Look Similar To This:

This Will Let You Know You’ve Been Selected By An Agent For Further Promotion, This Agent Has Selected You And Will Be Your Sponsor For PostYourMusicHere.Com. With Each Tier You Climb Your Sponsor Or Sponsors Will Offer And Provide More PostYourMusicHere.Com Services These Services Vary By Artist Need (Posters, Art, Music Videos, Addition Music Needs, Ect.) And Are For Only The Sponsored Artist. Your Sponsor Will Dedicate More Time To You The Higher The Tier, The More Time Available For Your Needs As Well As Entering You Into Available Contests For Your Tier. You Will Now Be Qualified For Tier 2 Contests. Your Sponsor Will Ask For Your Links, Promotional Art, And A Video interview Answering The Tier 2 Interview Questions (Below) And The Artist Checklist (Below):

Tier 3:

At Tier 3 More Time, Services And Benefits Will Be Provided To Artists, You Will Now Be Qualified For Tier 3 Contests. Tier 3 Interview With New Questions.

Tier 4:

Tier 4 Artists Receive Near Maximum Services And Benefits, Your Sponsor Will Focus Much More Time Promoting And Providing Services To And For You. You Will Now Be Qualified For Tier 4 Contests. Tier 4 Interview With New Questions.

Tier 5:

If You Reach Tier 5 Your Are A Champion Of PostYourMusicHere.Com You’ll Be Added To Our Legends Section, As Well As Be Promoted At Max Tier Services And Benefits. Tier 5 Interview With New Questions. Your Further Content Will Be Added To Champion Tier Contests.

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