Abby Power

.Abby Power .Abby is a female rapper and songwriter from London, and has been a recording artist since 2010. Abby first started off writing Def Jam Poetry style poems as a teen after taking an interest in watching the Def Jam Poetry slams with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Shihan, Kanye West, Mos Def (you get the picture). Then after some gentle persuasion from her peers, Abby decided that it would be a good idea to combine the poetry with her other love, Hip Hop, and so she started to write lyrics, and eventually took the step to record. During the early years of Abby’s time making music, she featured on UKB magazine, a UK based fashion and music magazine. She also gained recognition from recording artist Skylar Grey (Writer of Love the way you lie for Eminem & Rihanna) who complimented her voice after seeing her submission for a competition Skylar was running at the time (For her single ‘Final Warning’). Abby had the most viewed video ever at one point on New York website ExposedVocals (sadly since shut down but there are still screenshots!) With her video for ‘Each Lyric’ and has featured on UK rap music channel LinkUpTv multiple times since starting off in the music scene. Abby took a break from music between the ages of 21-26, returning to music in July 2020 with her first release since 2015, Lead to you on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms. Since this release, Abby has released five new singles, had a lyric video released on SBTV, dropped a bunch of collaborations and just recently released an EP (Home is where the start is) that reached #1 on Amazon UK’s best selling rap and hip-hop charts solely on pre-sales! 2021 will be another year of releases for Abby, starting off with her next single ‘Family Tree’ produced by SamXVI being released on the 8th January on all digital streaming platforms. 2. Music and video links 3.

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