Los Angeles-born songstress, Laena, is known for her devil-may-care disposition towards normativity. Her home life was highly influenced by musicality, with the likes of Charlie Singleton, her stepfather from the 80s funk group Cameo. Laena is no stranger to studio sessions, and songwriting, you may even say she was forged by it. Her passion for vocalism was fully realized upon her joining choir as a sophomore in high school, and later, show choir. From there, the fires ignited, and she began penning her own songs and covering some of our favorite ones. Her first single “This Moment,” an ode to social change, sexuality, and community and self-care, premiered on all major DSPs in 2017.

Inspired by the paths of artists such as Sade, Janelle Monae, Mariah Carey, and Jhené Aiko, this velvet-voiced, queer songstress takes into account all aspects of what it means to professionally pursue and produce music. Likewise, Laena is committed to social justice centering Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks, both through her music and on the ground.

At present, Laena is set to release her very first EP, which will include some of her prior works, and her latest single “Like a Dream.” This South Asian creative is well on her way to gracing global stages and aligning herself with the likes of the R&B greats who came before her.

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